Bioglan Services

Analytical services Bioglan provides a high-quality analytical service, customised to the specific requirements of your project. We have skilled and experienced staff supporting you in every aspect of your analytical demands. Our well-equipped laboratories and network of partners facilitate every need for the product during its life cycle. Core activities: • Development and verification/validation of analytical methods • Method transfer • Testing of raw materials, intermediates and finished products • Forced degradation studies, stress testing • In-use stability studies • Stability testing according to ICH guidelines Bioglan utilises a broad range of analytical techniques and equipment including: • High and Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatographs (HPLC/UPLC) with UV, DAD and RI detectors • Gas Chromatography (GC) with head space and FID detector • FTIR • Penetrometer • Viscometer (rotationary and capillary) • Rheometer • Densitometer • Melting point equipment • Conductivity • Kjeldahl • Titration equipment • Spectrophotometer (UV and IR) • Refractometer • Microscopy