4–5. Three hotels 6–7. Bjäre Peninsula 8–9. Flavours of Bjäre 10–11. Events & large meetings 12–13. Celebrations 14–15. Teambuilding 16–17. Spa, baths & relaxation 18–19. Premises 20–21. Hotel rooms 22–23. Location 24. Sustainability 25. Certifications 26–27. We are GRAM Group Welcome to a place where anything can happen _ On the Bjäre Peninsula, ideas can grow freely in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by sea, beautiful nature and endless views. Here you will find the premises, the environment, and the people who can arrange meetings and events that will go down in history. Our hotels in Båstad and Torekov offer a unique combination of fantastic surroundings and outstanding venues.


Three hotels, a world of possibilities _ Our three hotels in Båstad and Torekov offer an unparalleled combination of beautiful surroundings and unique amenities. Hotel Skansen lies in the centre of Båstad, right between the beach and the harbour, overlooking the iconic centrecourt. Hotel Riviera Strand has a quieter location on the beachfront and features a modern, art deco interior. Torekov Hotell is a smaller, personal hotel, surrounded by a nature reserve and close to the sea, with hiking trails just outside the doorstep.


7 BJÄRE PENINSULA Pulse and pause on the Bjäre Peninsula _ The Bjäre Peninsula offers a variety of experiences throughout the year. Guests can not only play tennis and golf or take a leisurely stroll along sandy beaches, but there are also magnificent nature experiences and a rich variety of art, culture and history. You can walk in opera singer Birgit Nilsson’s footsteps in the morning and enjoy a pop festival in the afternoon. Visit vineyards and party at Pepe’s Bodega. Trek some of Sweden’s finest hiking trails and stroll through Norrviken’s beautiful gardens. EXPERIENCES ON THE BJÄRE PENINSULA

Visiting Bjäre’s pantry _ Bjäre Peninsula’s favourable climate and fertile soil have given us ample opportunities for locally produced ingredients all year round. There are a number of high-quality local wineries and vineyards, and we can proudly match your meal with local beverages. Tell us about your preferences and we’ll create the dining experience that suits you perfectly.

9 FLAVOURS OF BJÄRE A TASTE OF BJÄRE IN OUR RESTAURANTS: Sand at Hotel Skansen Chef’s Area at Sand Restaurant Riviera Bistron at Torekov Hotell Mamas Papas Pepe’s Bodega LEARN MORE ABOUT FOOD & DRINK

11 EVENTS & LARGE MEETINGS Events and large meetings _ Expecting a large crowd? In Båstad alone, we can offer a total of 1,000 beds at our two hotels. And there is room for another 108 overnight guests in Torekov. Whether you want to launch a new product, organise a trade fair or host a large conference, we have the venues. With the sea and the rolling hills as a backdrop, plus a highly skilled event team at the helm, your event will be a unique overall experience for both participants and organisers. HOTEL SKANSEN Gallerian – 500 people Congress Hall – 270 people Båstad-Bjäre – 250 people Rooftop Lounge – 150 people HOTEL RIVIERA STRAND Restaurant Riviera – 300 people Strand – 100 people Siri – 100 people Nelly/Nore – 150 people TOREKOV HOTELL Book the entire hotel – 54 rooms, 6 venues, lounges, spa and a large terrace

Celebrations _ It’s no coincidence that Båstad is known for festivities. It’s a place where people have always loved to get together and celebrate. Maybe it’s because of the beautiful surroundings. Maybe because it’s easy to get here. Or because the small town ambiance makes the event feel even grander. So let us set up your wedding, organise your cocktail party, arrange your clubbing experience or anniversary. All in the mood and style that you desire.

13 CELEBRATIONS SMALLER FESTIVITIES (10–100 PEOPLE): Strand, Hotel Riviera Strand Frontcourt, Hotel Skansen Gille chambre separée, Torekov Hotell Kappelhamn chambre separée (outdoors), Torekov Hotell LARGER PARTIES (100–200 PEOPLE): Bistron, Torekov Hotell (130 people) Congress Hall, Hotel Skansen (150 people) Strand, Hotel Riviera Strand (120 people) Pepe’s Bodega / Loft Nightclub Papas (120 people) Mamas (100 people) OUTDOOR SUMMER PARTIES Frontcourt, Hotel Skansen Nest Rooftop Bar, Hotel Skansen Courtyard, Hotel Riviera Strand Terrace, Torekov Hotell Papas Garden Congress terrace, Hotel Skansen

A sea of activities _ Make your conference even more effective with an activity that boosts both team spirit and employees. The Bjäre Peninsula offers top-class sports arenas, miles of beaches, magnificent nature experiences, and an ocean of opportunities. We work closely with the top activity organisers and will gladly help you find the experience that best suits your team.

15 TEAMBUILDING TENNIS ANYONE? Show your skills on our tennis courts. TENNIS ELBOW? Sea adventures on the Kattegat await! LANDLUBBER? The Beach Champions Competition is always a hit. RATHER STAY INDOORS? Loosen up with a champagne tasting, bath ritual or motivational speaker. GET MORE TIPS ON CONFERENCE ACTIVITIES

Spa, baths and relaxation _ Båstad and Torekov are spa resorts with long-standing bathing traditions. Hotel Skansen and Torekov Hotell feature complete spa facilities with treatments as well as beautiful baths. Hotel Riviera Strand offers a pool house and warm outdoor baths. Salty baths await in the sea – all year round for those who dare.

17 SPA, BATHS & RELAXATION HOTEL SKANSEN Spa with warm baths, steam room, dry sauna and cold bucket Rooftop with year-round infinity pool and outdoor jacuzzi Cold bath house Gym HOTEL RIVIERA STRAND Pool house with swimming pool and sauna. Warm Japanese outdoor baths Outdoor pool (May–September) Gym TOREKOV HOTELL Spa with steam room, dry sauna, spa pool and ice bath Sauna house and warm outdoor baths Outdoor pool (cold bath in winter) Gym

Room for meetings _ Our three hotels provide unique opportunities for meetings, fairs and events. You can choose from 42 conference rooms of various sizes, as well as lounges, group rooms, event and party venues. From beautifully decorated boardrooms to large venues where up to 500 people can gather. An exclusive option is to book the entire hotel. All with a high level of security and state-of-the-art conference services.

19 PREMISES HOTEL SKANSEN 26 meeting rooms for up to 270 people Gallerian event venue for up to 500 people Congress hall with sea view for banquets and meetings HOTEL RIVIERA STRAND 10 meeting rooms for up to 120 people The restaurant can be used as a meeting room for 150–300 people Many large and small lounge areas for meetings and conversations TOREKOV HOTELL 6 meeting rooms for up to 130 people Lounges and group rooms Walk-and-talk on the Skåneleden trail

Sweet dreams _ Check in to a harmoniously decorated room with everything you need to relax. Hot showers, comfortable beds and soft bathrobes await in every room. Open the window or balcony door and let in the fresh sea breeze. Look out over tranquil nature or stay in the heart of the fun.

21 HOTEL ROOMS HOTEL SKANSEN 172 hotel rooms with a total of 330 beds 59 rooms in the Main Building 54 rooms in the Tennis Pavilion 37 rooms in the Congress Building 7 villas with a total of 14 rooms 8 apartments HOTEL RIVIERA STRAND 144 apartment suites in different sizes, with room for up to 6 guests A total of 650 beds TOREKOV HOTELL 54 hotel rooms with a total of 108 beds 30 rooms in the main building 16 double rooms in hotel villas 8 superior rooms in hotel villas

All roads lead to Bjäre _ One short trip and you feel you are in a different world. The Bjäre Peninsula is strategically located in the northwest of Skåne. It’s easy to reach and offers all the experiences in one convenient place. TRAVEL TIMES TO BÅSTAD Malmö: 1 h 15 min by car/train Copenhagen airport: 1 h 40 min by car/train Gothenburg: 1 h 50 min by car/train Ängelholm airport: 25 min by car Halmstad City Airport: 40 min by car Båstad railway station: 10 min by car/bus Båstad–Torekov: 20 min by car

23 LOCATION Falkenberg Varberg Halmstad Grenå KATTEGAT Båstad Ängelholm Malmö Helsingborg Lund Helsingör Copenhagen Denmark Sweden E20 E20 E55 E6 E6 E4 Gothenburg Stockholm Torekov

Sustainable conference _ All GRAM Group hotels work systematically according to the official Nordic Swan Ecolabel criteria to reduce the hotels’ consumption of natural resources and optimise operations. Some of our focus areas include energy consumption, CO2 emissions, water consumption, use of disposable items, prevention of food waste, recycling, proportion of organic food and drink, and use of eco-labelled products and services.

Certifications and partners _ Nordic Swan Ecolabel – Hotel Skansen, Hotel Riviera Strand, Torekov Hotell Svenska Möten – Hotel Skansen, Hotel Riviera Strand, Torekov Hotell Skånska Möten – Hotel Skansen, Hotel Riviera Strand, Torekov Hotell Safe Hotels Alliance – Hotel Skansen Optimeet – Hotel Skansen, Hotel Riviera Strand, Torekov Hotell 25 SUSTAINABLE CONFERENCE

HOTEL SKANSEN Our largest hotel lies in the centre of Båstad, right between the beach and the harbour. Combine efficient work with spa and delightful flavours. SAND Hotel Skansen’s restaurant offers a lively atmosphere and views of the sea. Award-winning cocktails, exquisite wines and the finest seasonal produce. HOTEL RIVIERA STRAND Hold your conference on the seafront in Båstad, in modern art deco interior. Top it off with a swim in the pool, lounge hangout and good food. RESTAURANG RIVIERA A place for celebrations with long traditions. Bjäre gourmet with a playful twist, expansive views of the sea and a delightful atmosphere in the lounge bar. We are GRAM Group _ TOREKOV HOTELL A smaller, personal hotel surrounded by nature close to the sea. Relaxing atmosphere and a spa with outdoor and indoor pools. BISTRON In Torekov, we are neighbours and friends with the local farmers who provide our fine ingredients. Also a place for wine lovers. Photo: Anders Karolyi, Joakim Karlsson, Johan Lilja, Mikael Pilstrand, Viktor Nilsson, Fabian Wester, Spirit Event

PEPE’S BODEGA Sweden’s most legendary nightclub has received a major facelift and offers entertainment and food experiences with an international touch. NORRVIKEN GARDENS Our sister company Norrviken Gardens has been awarded Europe’s most beautiful park. Exhibitions, events and culinary experiences in the restaurant. PAPAS Mediterranean-inspired gastronomy with the finest local ingredients. Placed right on the beach next to Hotel Skansen, with incredible sunset views. MAMAS ITALIAN Relaxed atmosphere and Italian cuisine in Båstad harbour. Quality ingredients with clean, simple Italian flavours in a genuinely warm atmosphere. LEARN MORE ABOUT GRAM GROUP +46 431 55 82 88 Get in touch and we will make your ideas happen _