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2 WHY AN AIMPOINT ® RED DOT SIGHT? To be successful, shooters must be able to aim accurately and quickly under a wide variety of conditions. On a shooting range, there is plenty of time to take aim, but in real world, everything is in fast motion. Add rough terrain, foul weather, poor light and high levels of stress and even the most experienced marksman will be put to the test. Military tests have repeatedly proven that the single red dot reticle is the fastest on target in timed and rapid-fire close combat exercises, and also provides the greatest increase in hit probability with moving targets. Other aiming devices require that the shooter’s focus leave the target or create limited situational awareness. Aimpoint® red dot sights give you increased aiming confidence, allow you to remain on target and shoot with both eyes open, so you are fully aware at all times.

3 WHEN YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON YOUR EQUIPMENT When the time comes to take the shot, there should be no question that you can count on your sight to perform. We believe that a weapon sight should simplify aiming while meeting the highest possible requirements for reliability and ruggedness. We know that conditions in the field place extreme demands on your equipment, so we design and test Aimpoint® products to stand up to any condition you are likely to encounter. We also design our products to operate constantly for years on a single battery so your sight will be ready when you are. Whether in the field or on the streets, you can count on Aimpoint red dot sights. AIMPOINT® - THE ORIGINAL Aimpoint® is the recognized worldwide leader and originator of red dot sighting technology. After more than 45 years of working closely with experienced marksmen and military weapon experts around the world, Aimpoint red dot sights remain the number one choice for combining ruggedness, speed and accuracy. Aimpoint sights are in service with most NATO countries, the US Army, US Air Force, US Navy, US Marine Corps, and numerous other military forces, police agencies, and special teams worldwide. Aimpoint red dot sights are soldier tested and combat proven. SUPERIOR SITUATIONAL AWARENESS Dangerous situations can happen suddenly whether on the streets or in active combat. With both eyes open, you see the target as well as the surroundings. It is the tremendous advantage of an Aimpoint® sight. You instinctively place the red dot on the target, and you’re ready to pull the trigger. We design our sights so that you can be faster and more accurate. Aimpoint sights allow you to see the whole picture in every mission. When your life depends on it, don’t settle for anything less.

4 PIGGYBACK SHOTGUN PDW PISTOL AR15 For over 25 years I have been using Aimpoint sights, for sport shooting, hunting and in my military service. They have never let me down. As a sports shooter I shoot pistol, shotgun, and rifle. I have used sights from several Aimpoint series such as Comp, Micro and Acro, sometimes in combination with the Aimpoint magnifiers. All Aimpoint sights are rugged and dependable. They can take a beating and the battery life is super. I never experienced any problems even in rain or snow. Now I have become a sport shooting ambassador for Aimpoint, but long before this I was won over by the Aimpoint family of red dot sights and magnifiers. Lars Hagemann AIMPOINT AMBASSADOR CZ SHOOTING TEAM MEMBER WITH 37 YEARS OF PARTICIPATION IN IPSC MATCHES, WORLD WIDE WINNER OF 66 PRESIDENTS MEDALS READY FOR ANY PLATFORM Aimpoint® offers a full line of premium sighting solutions for a wide range of weapon platforms. You might be on the clay shooting course with your shotgun, hunting for wild boar with your rifle in the forest, or a sport shooter competing with a pistol or an AR rifle. If you want the flexibility of combining long-range shooting with close-range shooting on moving targets; our piggy-back solutions might be what you are looking for. Regardless of platform, Aimpoint has the sighting solution you can trust to get the job done.





15 KEY FEATURES COMP SERIES • Constant-on - models of the Comp series red dot sights can achieve 5 to 8 years of constant-on use with one AA or AAA battery. • For use at longer range - compatible with Aimpoint 3X and 6X magnifiers. • Submersible - the Comp series sights are fully submersible up to 45 meter in water • Compatible with all generations NVD – allows for use in any light conditions • 2 MOA red dot size, suitable for both close and long ranges. • Ready to use - all sights in the Comp series are offered in a standard ready to use configuration including mount and lens covers. But there are plenty of other mounting solutions and accessories available allowing the sights to be customized and adapted for specific weapon platforms and needs.



35 In summary, the breakthrough technology from Aimpoint allows you to do what comes naturally – shoot with both eyes open while remaining focused on the target. When you look through an Aimpoint sight, a red dot appears in the lens. When the red dot is on target, so are you, with no centering required. It is this inherent combination of simplicity, speed, and accuracy that makes Aimpoint sights the preferred choice for beginners and experts alike. Get on target fast, and forget about being challenged by bad light or moving targets. SPEED…MEETS ACCURACY

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