Kat 2022_Matterhorn_EU

TheMatterhorn collection offers outdoor apparel for every occasion, both work and leisure, in first classmaterials and classic timeless designs. Our clothing is thoughtfully created to enhance, with colour and print, the image of your company. It is important to create an identity that represents your company. Co-workers are an important extension of your logotype, as they are the link between the company and your clients. Unified clothing shows an obvious connection of the people working together. A jacket is a popular and very effective way to strengthen themotivation amongst co-workers at the workplace and at the same time show your company's logotype/message. Does you r company s t and ou t ! C o n t e n t s Shell jackets Page 6 Softshell Page 16 3 in 1 system jackets Page 20 Light padded jackets Page 24 Body warmers Page 44 Rainwear Page 54 Pants Page 56 Mid layer / Fleece Page 60 Information Page 73 Winter jackets Page 30