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73 SOFTSHELL TECHNICAL INFORMATION ZIPPER PULERS TERMS: THE SPECIFIED PRICES ARE RECOMMENDED END USER PRICES EXCLUDING VAT. THESE CONDITIONS ARE SUBJECT TO PRICE ALTERATIONS AND APPLY ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST. A.B.T. Advanced Breathing Technology is a breathable material that is both light and flexible as well as wind and water proof. . This symbol appears to indicate which products are available in women’s sizes or are purely aimed at women. Nano-Tex is a coating that makes a material resistant to water, spills and stains. This spill-resistant function keeps the garment fresh and, if you do get a stain, easier to clean. All this with no comprimise when it comes to comfort. Matterhorn softsheljackets are made of three layers. A membrane that is laminated between the outerfabric and the innerfleece. This allows the garment to be wind proof whilst allowing water vapour from condensation and perspiration to escape. It keeps you warm and dry in virtually any kind of weather. Our seams are taped from the inside with a thin band to prevent water penetration. An important detail in a water proof garment At matterhorn.se we aim to provide you with all facts about matterhorn and our products. Here you can find online catalouges and a database with all our images and spec sheets pdf’s for easily downloads. PRODUCT CARE Your garment will give you years of service if you follow the care instructions on the label. Always wash jackets separately having first removed the fleece/softshell lining. Always use a mild washing powder at the correct temperature shown in the garment. Our waterproof clothing should be re-impregnated with a substance designed for “breathable” materials available in sports shops. Fleece/softshell clothing should be allowed to ‘drip-dry’. NOTE The pictures in the catalogue and the actual products may differ slightly in colour due to the methods of photography and printing used. The scenic pictures may also differ somewhat from the pictures of the products as a result of varying light conditions. Extra zipper pullers in 7 differnt colors is availible when you both a jacket from Matterhorn. Code Name Describtion Page PRODUCT INDEX MH-127 Almer Fleece Knitted Fleece 72 MH-136 Messner Parka Parkas 42 MH-144 Burgener Jacket Winter jacket 39 MH-163 Anderegg Softshell Softshell jacket 19 MH-185 Douglas Jacket Light quilted jacket 28 MH-191 Evans ski pants Ski pants 59 MH-218 Edlinger Jacket Winter jacket 33 MH-226 Haddow Jacket Recycled light quilted jacket 26 MH-245 Cordier Power Jacket Power jacket 71 MH-268 Fowler Vest Light quilted vest 49 MH-284 Norgay Vest Sherpa vest 53 MH-332 Whymper Parka Performence jacket 37 MH-340 Davis Fleece Fleece jacket 65 MH-397 Penhall Jacket Urban hoodie 66 MH-415 Habeler Jacket Recycled shell jacket 9 MH-442 Walker Vest Light quilted vest 48 MH-450 Jackson Jacket Light quilted jacket 28 MH-488 Lowe Jacket Recycled shell jacket 10 MH-496 Danenberg Jacket w Shell Jacket 15 MH-499 Pasang Fleece Sherpa Fleece 63 MH-521 Lambert Pants Padded Pants 59 MH-551 Middlemore Softshell Softshell jacket 18 MH-573 Garcia Vest Recycled light quilted vest 46 MH-585 Hillary Parka Recycled parkas 35 MH-613 Morrison Jacket Winter jacket 38 MH-614 Parker Jacket Recycled winter jacket 43 MH-627 Roberts Jacket Performance jacket 69 MH-659 Russell Jacket Shell jacket 11 MH-660 Stephen Jacket Mid layer jacket 70 MH-662 Trotter Pants Shell pants 57 MH-687 Whittaker Jacket Winter jacket 40 MH-700 Barber Jacket Shell Jacket 12 MH-708 Woods Jacket Urban jacket 67 MH-715 Croz Vest Power vest 51 MH-811 Zubriggen Jacket Winter jacket 32 MH-822 Renata Jacket w Winter jacket 41 MH-875 Roy Vest Softshell vest 50 MH-886 Goodwin Jacket Shell Jacket 13 MH-893 Stevens Pants Shell pants 57 MH-894 Smythe Jacket 3 in 1 jacket 23 MH-906 Delgado Softshell Softshell jacket 17 MH-931 Fisher Jacket Shell jacket 14 MH-939 Frost Jacket Down jacket 27 MH-952 Gayen Jacket 3 in 1 jacket 22 MH-976 Paccard Hoodie Scuba Hoodie 68 MH-995 Morrow Fleece Recycled fleece 64