3 GIVE PLASTIC A NEW LIFE Our recycled weather protection collection Everything we produce affects the environment around us and the people and animals that inhabit it. At Matterhorn we are extremely aware of this and we do all we canto minimise our environmental footprint. We are extremely proud of how we develop our new products in recycled fabrics and materials. Our goal is that 95 percent of all of our new products will be in recycled material. But we don’t just stop at our products being recycled and environmentally friendly, we strive to take asocial and environmental responsibility du ring the complete production process • We certify our recycled products. • In order to make sure that our products do not contain any banned or dangerous chemicals we apply Oeko-Tex certification Class 11, Annex 6. • Already in 2015 we replaced all our impregnating chemicals with fluoro- carbon-free Bionic-Eco. • We are members of Amfori that make regular inspections at our suppliers in order to make sure that they follow the international norms and guidelines relating to the workers environment. • lt’s important for us to have a close relationship to our suppliers, as we see them as an extension of our own operation. We visit them frequently in order to make sure that they follow our policy of responsible production.