5 Recycled Nylon Our recycled nylon is produced from industrial waste and discarded nylon-based products. Nylon is one of the strongest threads that we use in our products. When we need a light weight fabric it is important to use nylon for its durability. On top of its ecological friendliness, the recycled nylon fibres are strong, light and sustainable. Our eventual goal is to cease using conventional nylon, and recycled nylon will allow us to continue creating some of our favourite garments that will to live up to our high quality standards. Using as much recycled nylon as possible reduces our dependence on fossil fuels. Recycled nylon uses less resources (like water, energy and fossil fuels) than manufacturing conventional nylon, but has the same lightness and durability. By using this material we can reduce the enormous amounts of waste that discarded garments create and, at the same time, reduce the production of greenhouse gases. It also helps to support new recycling streams for nylon products that are no longer viable. In 2020 we will introduce our first jacket with an outer layer of 100% recycled nylon. Recycled Polyester Recycled polyester reduces our consumption of newly produced petroleum based products. Our recycled polyester is made from PET bottles and waste material. Cloth made from recycled polyester has a reduced effect on the environment by using less water, electricity and crude oil. Management of discarded clothing and other polyester based material is reduced which is positive for the planet. Polyester is an important fibre in our products. It allows us to create light fabrics that dry quickly and can be used in all manner of diverse clothing. Recycled polyester has been around since the early ’90’s and recent developments have allowed it to be more generally accessible and prices have begun to be comparable to its more conventional counterparts. Using it reduces our dependence on petroleum as a raw material as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Another plus is that we use material, that would otherwise be burned or end up in a land-fil. We reduce waste at the same time as we reduce usage of crude oil. TERMS: THE SPECIFIED PRICES ARE RECOMMENDED END USER PRICES EXCLUDING VAT. THESE CONDITIONS ARE SUBJECT TO PRICE ALTERATIONS AND APPLY ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST.