51 The OEKO-TEX ® mark is your guarantee that the garment does not contain dangerous substances. OEKO-TEX ® follows the restriction guidelines for ph-value, pesticide and heavy-metal levels. At Matterhorn we have a selection of garments with the OEKO-TEX ® mark Bionic-Finish Eco is a water-resistant coating that we have been using on our shell and wet-weather clothing since the autumn of 2016. It is fluoro-carbon, formaldehyd and parafin free, substances that are used in more conventional production. Fluoro-carbons have revealed themselves to be disruptive to hormone production. Bionic-Finish Eco is totally free from these substances. More information is available here: nish-eco/ At Matterhorn we make sure that, even our suppliers meet the legislation applying to the chemicals and substances that the European Parliament set as a standard according to 190/2006/REACH Appendix XVII. REACH prohibits and regulates the usage of certain substances as well as reducing the quantity of chemicals that can be dangerous to our health and the environment. At amfori we believe in a world where all trade delivers social, environmental and economic benefits for everyone. We call this Trade with Purpose. As the leading global business association for open and sustainable trade, we bring together over 2,000 retailers, importers, brands and national associations representing a combined turnover of more than one trillion euros. matterhorn have been a part of the organisations since 2015. At Matterhorn we pride ourselves in selling products that are manufactured under acceptable working conditions. We do not own or run our own factories, our products are made by manufacturors,largely in China, with whom we have had a long-running working relationship.We insist that our partners commit to following our ethical code. In many countries where manufacturing costs are low, there is a risk that sustainability and ethical sourcing of raw material take a backseat. Not so for us! We consider these questions to be of the highest priority. For Matterhorn it is important to contribute to sustainable development by taking social and environmental responsibility, which demands high standards from all of our suppliers! Matterhorn is a member of amfori BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative),a European initiative that unites hundreds of companies in a common behavioural code. Amfori BSCI:’s primary mission is to support this network in their goal to create sustainable and ethical supply-chains. As a member of BSCI , Matterhorn is commited to following BSCI’s code of conduct. All BSCI members work together to ensure that the demands and improvements are met by suppliers who,in their turn, also follow BSCI’s code of conduct. As a customer, you will not find a jacket or garment with a BSCI logo, however, all companies that work to BSCI’s standards are pledged to upholding all the networks commitments. Read more about the Matterhorn Code of Conduct at For us at Matterhorn quality is more than just a good jacket or fleece. Quality for us is as much about the team that makes our products working under safe, fair,legal and humane conditions. It’s about continually searching for new environmentally friendly materials, energy-saving production methods and possibilities to improve our world through our daily work! Everything we do impacts nature around us and everone who lives there. We are convinced that we can continue to do what we are doing today, but in an improved way. We have many exciting opportunities, huge challenges and unending work ahead of us. For example, in 2015/16 we started to impregnate our garments with PFC-free waterproofing. And now we are launching our fleece made from totally recycled materials including, amongst other things , old PET bottles. CSR Env i ronment